Windows Image Acquisition Driver - WIA Driver Download Setup for Hp Printer

When you attempt to do your scanner on Windows OS, badly, it’s not strong. Alternatively, you detect an error telling You to want a WIA driver to utilize this device. You might feel doubtful and don’t know how to solve these issues at all. Don’t worry. This is a correctly easy-to-solve issue.

What is a ‘WIA driver’?

WIA stands for Windows Image Acquisition, is a Microsoft driver design from Windows onwards. A WIA Driver software allows the graphics driver like Windows Photoshop, Scanner, to interact with your imaging hardware like a scanner.

If a WIA driver download is booting, old or unsuitable on your PC, then you may reasonably get the error ‘You want a WIA driver Download to utilize this device’. Follow along with the lead here to install the right latest WIA driver for your scanner to solve the issues.

Fixes for ‘You want a WIA driver download to use this device’

You can select to install your scanner WIA driver download, which needs your time, tolerance, and PC method.

Or instead, you can get used to WIA Driver Easy

Step 2: Install a scanner WIA software driver download

If you’re not sure about downloading or updating drivers, let WIA Driver Easy assist you do it automatically. 

WIA Driver Easy will identify your system and locate the right drivers for it. You don’t want to risk downloading and installing the incorrect driver, and you don’t want to worry about getting an error when installing.

if you utilize the Pro version, snap Update All to automatically download and install the proper version of all the drivers that are blowing or out of date on your device.

1) Download the WIA Driver Easy. Then work it on your Windows.

2) Snap Scan Now. All driver’s issues with your PC would be identified in less than 1 min. Your scanner driver is no different.

3) If you attempt the Free version, snap to Update to your scanner driver to download and install the right version of your driver.  (You’ll get full comfort and a 30-day money-back assure for the Pro version)

4) Reboot your Windows and attempt to scan your files to see if it arrives.

WIA driver

Step 1: How to Install a scanner WIA driver download?

As the error message tells, you can install the WIA driver download from your installation CD or company website. 

The installation CD is regularly coming commonly with your scanner when you got it. Insert it into your PC and then follow the on-screen guidance.

If you lose your CD, don’t worry. You can download the driver from your scanner company website, like HP.

hp wia driver

1) Go to the software driver download page, normally, it finds in the Support section of your scanner company website.

2) You want to type your product model. Also, you would be required to choose your Windows OS.

3) Reboot your Windows and attempt to scan your files to view if it works.

4) Download the WIA scanner driver.

You want a WIA driver scanner error in Windows 10

  1. Many clients have been reporting a You want a WIA driver scanner error.
  2. This critical error can stop you from utilizing a third-party scanner, which can severely limit work.
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The Windows Image Acquisition(WIA) service allows scanners, and other picture devices, to contact graphics drivers, such as Photoshop.

But, some clients have stated on forums that the You want a WIA driver error message rises up when they try to use their HP scanners.

The full WIA driver error message says: You want a WIA driver download to utilize this device. Please install it from the installation CD or company website and attempt again. So, it recommends that clients upgrade their WIA drivers download to resolve the problem.

How do I fix common WIA driver errors?

There are a few ways clients can upgrade device drivers. As the error message states, clients can download the newest WIA drivers download from their scanner company websites.

Instead, clients can update device drivers with WIA Driver Download Fix, which will scan for and file devices with an old driver.

It will scan your computer, identify old drivers, and then continue to download and install the usual replacements, bringing your company up to date as soon as possible.

Additionally, this helpful tool will also look for needing drivers, and even replace cracked ones as well.

WIA Driver Setup & installation

Fix common WIA driver errors

Scanners, mice, printers it doesn’t matter; DriverFix will manage them all and update them in no time!

  1. Reinstall the WIA software Driver
  2. Right-click the Start button and choose the Device Manager, which will open the window in the snapshot right here.
  3. Snap View > Show hidden devices if the Device Manager doesn’t show the Imaging devices category. Then double-click picture devices to open that category.
  4. Right-click your scanner device and choose Uninstall device.
  5. Following, click Uninstall to verify.
  6. Windows will automatically reinstall the WIA driver download after clients restart the platform.

As the You want a WIA driver is essentially a driver error, reinstalling the scanner WIA driver download might resolve the problem.

  1. Verify that the WIA driver service is allowed.
  2. Right-click the Start button and choose Run.
  3. Type services. MSC in Run’s Open box, and choose the OK choice.
  4. Then double-click WIA Driver Download to open the window shown right here.
  5. Choose Automatic on the Startup type drop-down list.
  6. Click the Start button.
  7. If the service is already running, click the Stop button. Then touch to Start to restart WIA Driver Download.
  8. Touch the Apply button to verify the settings, and snap OK to close the window.


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