HP Smart App

The HP Smart App Download holds the tools to create print and scan of your reports, fixed up your HP Printer to wireless interfaces, and Watch ink levels. Establishment of HP Smart App Download in Windows 10

  1. Initial, drive from your Windows Store in your Windows10 machine.
  2. Next, continue with the on-screen guidelines to download and introduce the application location. Instantly start the application so that the find for established Printers will begin.
  3. If your Printer displays, click your Printer. Later if you fix up the new Printer, next that will display with Setup under the name.
  4. If your printer does not display, then click the Plus sign. Next, continue with the on-screen directions to fix up or register your new Printer.

HP Smart application - Print Reports and Images

  1. Then click a tile to print or scan a report from the HP Smart application desktop in your Printer.
  2. First, click the Print Report or Print Image from the desktop.
  3. Later, in the Reports folder, recognize the image or PDF.
  4. Extra move to a different folder, wherever you can find your folder.
  5. Following selecting the image or reports you want to print and then click Print.
  6. This will display the research of the print job in the Microsoft Print Preview window.
  7. Instantly you can select a separate Printer or create differences in Print settings from the show window as per your choice.
  8. Then, click Print from the show window, so that the program window closes and the Printer prints the report or image.
  9. Promptly click done in the HP Smart application Print window. Then the application will get back to the desktop.

Scan Images or Reports

  1. You can scan your image or reports to Windows 10 machine from your HP Printer, and then you can distribute these scans.
  2. First, click the Scan tile on the desktop of the HP Smart App Download so that the scan window opens.
  3. Next, you modify the settings like page size and report type from the scan window. Next click Scan so that the scan preview will be displayed.
  4. Instantly click Edit from the show desktop. Later do any changes utilizing the editing tools like crop or rotate.
  5. Next, to change the border, click and hold a sad dot. Then a scan shows that permits editing will be displayed in the Edit window.
  6. Next, click application, once you complete the edits. Then the result window will show any difference to the scan.
  7. Then, you can print, save, or distribute the scan in the result windows. Next, you force share or protect the scan job and click OK.

Next, you can view the Printer status, move by your Printer data, Printer documents, see print job files, do regular monitoring of ink levels, discuss the wireless status, and then you can move by the HP Instant ink dashboard.

Additional Benefits of HP Smart App Download

You can understand the special characteristics of the HP Smart App Download similar Print everywhere, Help Center, resources, and smart tasks on the desktop

Frames: You can customize your desktop and profit other data like privacy reports, feedback options, collecting of data, and so on.

  1. To print, send the scan assignment to your HP OfficeJet Printer.
  2. The Reports folder and the Photos library are the failures to save a place that holds the reports you own scan.
  3. Next, you may distribute the scan reports or images in a mail by social media.

Besides, you can further save or share the scan job. Then you can click OK.

Steps to Utilize the HP Smart Print

  1. Initially, verify that you associate your Printer and PC to the wireless interface.
  2. Besides, click the Printer Settings on the desktop.

Next, click the Printer Home Page (EWS). Lastly, click the Web Services and verify that you allow the Web Services.


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