How To Repair When The HP Scanner Is Not Working?

At times, HP printers and scanners might not operate correctly due to many special reasons. But, if this occurs with you, you want not to be confused because we should get your back. Now, with this article, we will assist you to know what makes the ‘HP scanner not working’ problem and how you can troubleshoot this query in quite a few minutes.

After going into this perfect blog, you will display a pro with HP scanners. For some ideas, you can contact us through the remark part.

What makes the HP scanner not operating a problem?

Scientific products are likely too small a technical problem that could confuse their usual functioning. By ‘HP Scanner not working’ report, we could expect one of the following conditions

  1. The scanner won’t scan correctly
  2. The scanner is not approved by your PC
  3. Connected errors come up while utilizing a scanner, etc.

There could be various viable reasons after this wrong act like-

  1. The problem with the connection cable within the PC and the scanner
  2. USB cable is not approved by the scanner
  3. Utilizing outdated scanner drivers and many added.

Still, whatever is the cause, we will ensure that you are ready to choose this slight problem on your own after going by this blog.

How can we resolve the ‘HP scanner not working’ problem?

Irrespective of the idea after this minor problem, the ‘HP scanner not operating’ problem can be solved by replacing 5 easy steps provided here, one by one to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Verify the network connectivity
  2. Capacitate WIA service and connected services
  3. Update your scanner driver
  4. Troubleshoot hardware issues
  5. Run System File Controller

Let’s dive below into every step to have more accuracy and less chance of impressions.

Verify the network connectivity

The first and first thing to verify s network connectivity. Verify the connection between your PC and the scanner. If you are utilizing a USB cable, verify the USB ports and USB cable. If you are utilizing a WiFi connection ensure proper internet connectivity is there. In fact, your PC is related to a VPN network, try cutting it and check your scanner.

Enable WIA service and associated services

WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) is a Microsoft driver model and application connection, designed especially for the Windows working system that permits graphics-related applications to interact with imaging hardware such as scanners and cameras. Ensure this service is allowed on your PC. If your scanner is not working, you force want to check that.

Follow the given steps below to check the services

  1. Open Run command box
  2. Enter services.msc in the search box and snap OK as displayed in the image here.
  3. Scroll down in the file and double snap on Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). Ensure it is placed to Automatic and the Service rank is Running.
  4. If the service id currently running, check it and re-enable it.
  5. Snap-on Apply for regular application of the configuration.
  6. Snap OK to save the settings.
  7. Forward with WIP, also verify the next services listed here and ensure their situation is ‘Running’.

Remote Procedure Call RPC

DCOM Server Process Launcher

RPC Endpoint Mapper

Shell Hardware Detection

Update your installed scanner drivers

An outdated scanner driver installed in your computer is good for blank. If you are becoming an ‘HP scanner not working situation’, ensure the driver you must is updated. You can update a driver automatically or manually, depending on your preference.

Just visit the real website of your scanner company and review it for updated drivers. Install the newest version of the driver. This might get some time to download and install.

After installing the driver, fortunately, restart your computer and check the scanner.

Troubleshoot hardware queries

By this time if your scanner has not started working well, you might need to verify for organic hardware issues. To order out any opportunity, open the ‘cmd’ panel on your PC.

Enter CMD in the search box of your PC. The command prompt will open. Enter ‘msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic’ in the direction ready as displayed in the image here and click enter.‘

A pop-up window will open as displayed in the image here.

Snap Next to start the troubleshooting process. It will identify any internal obstacles with the hardware. After the troubleshooting method is over, start your scanner and view if the HP Scanner Not Working problem continues.

Run System File Checker (SFC)

Scan damaged system files in your computer with System File Checker (SFC). This will identify the files and fix them automatically without any manual interference.

To run System File checker, Open your command prompt anew, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as the head.

In Command Prompt, enter ‘sfc /scannow’ command and then click Enter.

Wait till the method is completed. Type the ‘EXIT’ command in the command prompt to stop the cmd window.

Restart your computer after the method is performed and verify the scanner.

We expect the earlier discussed answers will assist you with your HP scanner not working problem. If your HP scanner is yet not working correctly, feel easy to take in touch with HP Support. Our professional specialists will fix your problem quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get My HP Scanner To Work?

To start operating on your HP scanner, you should associate it with your PC system first. For that, you should switch on your scanner and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Now, move to the ‘Start’ menu and type the ‘Scanner’ to open the ‘Add Device’ choice. Here, you will come opposite a Scanner installation wizard and follow the on-screen choice to make the installation. In case of any trouble, you should request the professionals and ask the solution to the queries you suffer.

How Do I Allow Scan To PC?

On your right first step, you will open the ‘HP Printer Assistant’ choice. After that, you should move to the ‘Start’ menu and then snap on the ‘All Apps’ choice. Here, you will get across the ‘HP’ choice and then pick the name of your printer. Once you are finished, you want to drive to the ‘Scan section’ and then the choice states ‘Manage Scan to PC’. On your last step, you should choose the ‘Enable’ choice. Doing so will allow the scan to your PC system in a trouble-free manner.

Where Do I Locate My Scanned Reports?

Are you seeing the reports you scanned into a scanner? Are you helpless to locate it out in your PC system? In most instances, reports by want are saved in the system’s report folder. When you scan any set of records, you can easily drive to this folder and open the scanned reports. Furthermore, if you need to change the folder to save the scanned reports, you should change the by want location. In case of problems you suffer while making the same, you should request an engineer who will assist you out.

How Do I Make My Scanner To Work?

Before you start scanning any images or reports, you should ensure you have a switch on your PC and scanner. Furthermore, you should verify the association and ensure its functioning. Once completed, you should place your image or report in the files feeder. After one, go to your PC system and search for ‘Devices and Printers’ choice. Here, you wish to come beyond your scanner that you want to right-click on it. Now, you want to snap the ‘Start Scan’ choice and then snap on the ‘OK’ choice.


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