How to set up scan to email on HP printers?

Already configured, you can Sign in to the printer, select Scan, and then the HP Scan to Email use. Your mail id is typically pre-filled in the To: and From field. That way, it is very easy to have the scanned reports sent to your mailbox as attachments.

Utilize the below steps to set up scan to mail so clients can scan and send emails to your manufacturing Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailboxes. The steps are following choice 2, as defined in the Microsoft report:

  1. Open a new browser window and engage in Microsoft 365 admin core 
  2. On the navigation menu choose Show all….
  3. Choose Settings and next Domains.
  4. On the DNS records tab choose your domain. 
  5. Write down the MX report POINTS TO ADDRESS value. You need the MX record in step 9
  6. Open your printer’s website and Sign in as Administrator.
  7. On the Scan/Digital Send tab choose mail setup in the list.
  8. In the part Outgoing Email Servers (SMTP) choose Add…
  9. Choose I know my SMTP server address or hostname and type the value you received in step 5.
  10. Choose Next.
  11. In Set the basic data important to connect to the server configure the following:
      • In Port Number give the value at 25.
      • In Split mails, if larger than (MB) leave the value at 0.
      • Verify Enable SMTP SSL/TLS Protocol and then non Validate certificate for outgoing server connections.
      1. Choose Next.
      2. Choose Server does not need authentication
      3. Choose Next.
      4. In Server Usage only verify the uses you will utilize.
      5. Choose Next.
      6. In Send Test Email type a company mail id and choose Test.
      7. Choose Finish.
      8. Verify Enable HP scan to Email.
      9. Continue to configure if mail fields should be pre-filled and editable. We suggest:

      In From: choose User’s address (sign-in required) and nonclient editable.

      1. Choose Apply.


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