How Do I Scan From My HP Printer to My Computer?

HP printers have a kind of benefits, from printing and faxing to scanning and copying. Scanners can put almost any type of 2D pictures, such as photos or drawings. Once you scan the picture, you can send it right to your computer desktop or a different folder on your PC. Most HP printers have the related buttons for scanning, so it doesn’t matter which type of HP printer you own. You are going to want the HP software CD placed on your PC first.

Step 1

Install the HP driver that arrived with your printer. If it’s already installed, open the program on your PC.

Step 2

Place the file that you need to scan on the glass scanner, look down. Assure the ends of the paper touch the sides with the arrows pointing to it.

Step 3

Choose the logo of a strain on the software program. This is the “Settings” button.

Step 4

Select the type of file you are scanning (i.e., image or report).

Step 5

Click “Scan images” or “Scan report.”

Step 6

Wait for the printer to complete scanning. The HP driver will direct you where you require to save your report. Select a place on your PC and click “OK.”


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