How to scan a document in Windows 10 utilizing the Windows Scan app?

Though we might want to think we are moving forward in a paperless world, the course is getting a little longer than many of us suspected. So, I have a few scanners in my home office; an HP ScanSnap and an HP Xerox multi-function device. I wanted to scan a report from my Windows device when I found there’s no built-in scanning tool in Windows 10 anymore. Here’s how to scan reports with Windows 10.

Your scanner may have its software

The scanner you have likely came with its software or that it can be downloaded from the company website. If that’s the problem and you’re comfortable doing that, next to good luck.

I change within the PC regularly so I try to avoid installing more software unless I want it. Mac users can utilize the Preview application to scan reports from direct connected or networked scanners.

Scanning with Windows 10

Windows 10 doesn’t include a scanning use out of the box. Alternatively, you want to go to the Microsoft Store application and search for “Windows Scan”. For some purpose, Microsoft deems it important to put a group of games first in the search results only if you scroll down, you’ll notice the icon for Windows Scan.

Click the Install button and you’ll have the Windows Scan application on your system.

I did notice that my network scanner, even by it was known as a functioning device by the OS, did not look in the application as an accessible scanner. But I renewed the driver from the HP Xerox website, restarted the computer and all was great.

I could select to scan to different file formats, use my scanner’s duplexing characteristic, and play with settings such as color and purpose.

How to Scan Documents With Windows 10?

Scanning software can be difficult and time-consuming to set up and work. Opportunely, Windows 10 has an application named Windows Scan that explains the method for everyone, saving you time and difficulty.

How to locate the Windows Scan app?

Before you start scanning reports, you’ll want to assure that you have Windows Scan installed on your PC.

  1. To verify if you have Windows Scan placed, snap on the Start menu, and then snap “All apps” (designed by an icon that seems like a bulleted list).
  2. Scroll within the list till you locate the Scan app, and snap-on it.

How to download the Windows Scan app

If you can’t find the Scan app on your PC, you will want to download it from the Microsoft Store. 

  1. From the Start menu, snap-on “Microsoft Store.” 
  2. From where snap-on the bar that tells “Search” and enter in “Scan.” 
  3. “Windows Scan” should be the primary result that pops up in the dropdown menu — snap-on it. 
  4. On the other page, snap-on the button marked “Get” and Windows Scan will start downloading. 
  5. Once it has downloaded fully, Snap “Launch” to open the application.

How to Scan Documents With Windows 10?

Once you have verified that Windows Scan is installed and open on your PC, you can start scanning documents.

  1. Verify to assure that your scanner is attached. 
  2. If it is plugged in, switched on, and has been set up perfectly, the scanner’s name should look on the left side of the Scan application screen, as the initial item in the list. 
  3. If there is an error message or blank looks in that first item box, you will want to connect your scanner to your PC utilizing both a USB connection cable or Wi-Fi connection and double-check that it is plugged in and switched on.
  4. Once your scanner has been connected rightly, choose the file type you need from the Scan application menu.
  5. If you snap “Show More” in the Scan application menu, you can modify additional settings for your scan, including color, purpose, and the folder in which you need to save your scan. If you skip this step, your scan will utilize the default settings.
  6. Place the report you need to scan inside your scanner. This can be finished both face-down on the scanner glass or face-up in the scanner report feeder, rely on the type of scanner you own. 
  7. When you’re ready to start scanning, snap the “Scan” button on the Windows Scan application.
  8. When your scan has been completed, you can view it by snapping “View” on the Scan application. The scan will be saved in your PC “image” folder unless you chose another place in the Scan application settings.
  9. Please note that any older scanners are not suitable with Windows Scan, and thus cannot be utilized in connection with the Scan application.


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