Remote EWS Access on HP Printers

MPS Monitor SDS: Remote EWS access is now ready on HP printers and multifunction devices.

Remote configuration and management of HP printing devices are presently really simple, utilizing the Remote Embedded Web Server access allowed in MPS Monitor SDS, the most advanced Cloud printer monitoring platform that fully combines HP Smart Device Services.

MPS Monitor SDS allows a simple and safe method to access remotely the Embedded Web Server(EWS) of HP printing devices, thanks to HP Smart Device Services. HP Partners and Resellers may configure and control devices remotely at their service, without any direct connection to the client network.

This characteristic decreases the demand for onsite client visits, thus saving time and money during development service levels, by answering more promptly to client demands and issues.

With the Remote (Embedded Web Server) EWS function allowed by HP Smart Device Services and given in MPS Monitor SDS, the fleet manager gets remote web access to the printer’s (Embedded Web Server) EWS, and performs all the configuration jobs on all the HP devices from everywhere, utilizing only a web browser.

The Remote access to (Embedded Web Server) EWS assure max security for the client network, as it creates a committed, interim VPN tunnel between your printer and the HP Cloud SDS service, that permits only the communication with the chosen printer; this function does not need any particular security setup or dedicated port opening, as all the traffic is on HTTPS rules (port 443).

HP Laser Printer Embedded Web Server(EWS) Characteristics

Most everyone has learned the terms Embedded Web Server but how many utilize it on day-to-day support? What is the Embedded Web server (EWS) and how can you use it to develop your overall success in maintaining and troubleshooting HP LaserJet printer issues? 

Available the HP Laser Printer Embedded Web Server(EWS) Highlights

The EWS is simply what it means: a Web-based network that is embedded within the firmware of the printer that can be reached right by a network connection. No specific software is needed to access the embedded server; easy a network connection or cross-connect cable and a browser.

One accessed, the printer states data, modifies settings, and management choice can be seen from the PC. The whole control panel is envied in a simple to read, graphical format that can be noticed, and handled remotely. 

This article is not meant to be a guidance manual on utilizing the embedded Web server(EWS), but a short overview of some of the characteristics ready to the technician in the field.

HP Laserjet printers will show differing data, depending on installed characteristics and skills. With the embedded Web server, you can perform the following jobs

Look control panel messages and product status data

Define left life for all supplies

Increase access to the printer’s technical support page

Look and change plate configurations

Look and verify the configuration

Look and print product data, so as a configuration page

Look and change the network configuration

Accessing the embedded Web server(EWS) is very easy. Entering the I.P. address of your printer into a browser’s address line will open the server. For instance, for this printer, enter Http:\\, and the device status is shown.

HP Laser Printer Embedded Web Server(EWS) Characteristics




Each category has a sub-menu of items or data. The data segment gives a list of choices:

  1. The Configuration Page displays the whole configuration of the printer as displayed here.
  2. Note that the page also displays part numbers of parts installed in the computer:
  3. The Supplies Status page displays the popular status of all supplies in the printer.
  4. The Event Log will display up to the last 50 events that happened on the computer, including page count, error code, and information.
  5. The Control Panel choosing displays the CURRENT status of the control panel display.
  6. All of the data shown from the embedded Web server(EWS) is popular data. Anytime the browser is reloaded or renewed the data displayed is modern.
  7. The remaining choices on the Data tab are self-explanatory and will not be described in detail here. 
  8. The Settings tab has many characteristics that can be configured to inform clients, set alert levels, and install security parameters. The most necessary choice for the experts in the field is the Configure Device choice.
  9. This choice gives access to the printer’s whole control panel menu. All menu choices may not only be seen in an established fashion but may also be performed remotely. 
  10. Configuration sheets, paper way tests, demo pages, can all be printed from here. 
  11. Analysis can be worked and the configuration can be viewed, and modified, all from the available network of the Web server.

How awkward is it to configure a NIC?

Navigating by all the network settings and choices is not only time absorb, but regularly disturbing due to the boundaries of what can be seen on the display panel. One slip of the thumb on the control panel buttons means rising over. On the control panel, very small data is ready, but with the Web server, all network settings and choices can be viewed and changed, all from one screen. Utilizing this characteristic will leave no doubt about what characteristics or settings are in position and current.

See that each tab addresses different network types and rules (TCP/IP, IPX, SPX, AppleTalk, DLC/LLC, SNMP). Only the choices that concern the current network needs to be considered.

There is no requirement to navigate and damage all the choices that aren’t wanted for a specific network environment. Please note, that if the I.P. address is modified from this screen, the Web server will want to be restarted to show the new I.P. Address.

The Embedded Web Server(EWS) is a powerful and useful tool that gives a technician a wide range of functions as well as general data about different conditions of the printer.

The ability to see all documents, configurations, and supplies, gives a finished overview of the printer and its popular status. Combine this with the capability to modify settings, reconfigure, and do any menu items remotely, does the embedded

Web server a great accessory to any expert skill set.


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