123.hp.com/laserjet setup And Quick Installation

To set up 123.hp.com/laserjet on any device (PC, phone, etc) you want to download the proper driver for your 123.hp.com/laserjet setup. This can be complete simply by choosing the right printer model before downloading the drivers (Supporting Software).

But, you must keep in mind the following essential points before you start your


  1. We have placed here all the models of HP printers. Choose the proper model to download the drivers.
  2. Always assure that the 123.hp.com/laserjet is switched ON at the time of setup and is connected to a similar Wi-Fi network as with the device. You can do this by allowing the Wi-Fi button on the printer to get it discoverable on the interface.
  3. Verify your firewall settings before beginning with the setup to assure that the firewall is not preventing the printer driver.

123.hp.com/laserjet - Methods to Connect HP Printer to Router (Wireless Setup)

  1. Initially, switch on your wireless printer and utilize the touch screen show to set up 123.hp.com/laserjet setup in a wireless manner.
  2. Presently from the touch screen, touch the ‘setup’ button, and choose the ‘network’ choice from the menu.
  3. Thereafter, choose the wireless network setup wizard from the ‘network’ menu. Presently your 123.hp.com/laserjet setup will search for the wireless routers possible in the range. Choose your network from the menu.
  4. Type the WEP/WPA passphrase for the network and then touch ‘done.’ Now touch ‘OK’ to confirm the settings. Touch ‘OK’ again to print the wireless test report.
  5. Presently your HP printer has been set up on your wireless network.
  6. Finally, download and install the printer driver from the 123.hp.com/laserjet setup page to complete the method. 

Installation of HP Wireless Printer in Windows Through “123.hp.com/laserjet “

To install HP wireless printer on your Windows OS, follow the easy steps discussed here:

  1. Switch on your printer to initiate the setup
  2. Presently connect your 123.hp.com/laserjet with the Wi-Fi router. If you are not aware of how to make so, verify the steps discussed earlier.
  3. Presently visit the “123.hp.com/laserjet setup” website and download the drivers for your HP printer model you are utilizing.
  4. After completing the download, go to the folder where drivers are stored. Double snap-on your driver & follow the easy to follow on-screen method to set up the drivers on your device. 

After completing the setup, follow these steps for adding your printer to your computer

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” and snap-on the “Device and Printer” choice
  2. On the next ready window, snap-on the “Add Printer” at the first right edge.
  3. Once you select the “Add Printer” choice, you will see a tab from where you can choose your printer and then snap-on the “next” to proceed.
  4. Wait for some moments to connect the HP wireless printer with the PC.
  5. Lastly, your HP wireless printer setup is finished on windows by “123.hp.com/laserjet setup”
  6. You can attempt to test print any report presently.

Installation of HP Wireless Printer in Windows Through “123.hp.com/laserjet“

To connect Mac PC to wireless HP printer follow the here steps:

  1. Initially, assure that your printer is on.
  2. Next, connect the HP printer with a wireless router (we have mentioned the steps for a similar earlier)
  3. Download your printer’s driver from HP’s website “123.hp.com/laserjet setup” for MAC OS.
  4. After the driver is downloaded, double snap-on it to start the installation method.
  5. After the installation, proceed to the next step of adding on your printer in your MAC 
  6. Go to your Apple menu and select “System and Preference.”
  7. Presently Snap-on the “Printer and Scanners” Choice
  8. Snap the “+” sign present on the left-hand side corner.
  9. The next screen will show your printer model. Select that presently and snap the add button to complete the HP setup on your MAC.

How Will You Connect The HP Printer To The Mobile Phone by 123.hp.com/laserjet setup ?

  1. Initially, ensure printer hardware is working.
  2. Assure that the mobile device and your printer are utilizing the same WiFi network.
  3. Presently download the HP ePrint Application by 123.hp.com/laserjet setup on your mobile phone
  4. Next, select the data usage choice on mobile and snap on the “Done” Choice.
  5. Presently the “Home Display” on your mobile will assist a window. Here select the “Grant Permission” for the setup and also add your mail-id.
  6. Presently continue with the guidance on the screen to simply access the file you need to print.
  7. Presently Open the HP ePrint application to print any report or file.
  8. Click on the File 
  9. Presently go to the file folder and select the report to print.
  10. Lastly, the method finished. Presently you can connect the hp printer to mobile by 123 hp.com laserjet setup.

Important Factors to Consider For Smooth Printing

  1. Clients should assure that the printer cap is clean from dust. Dust on the top may create some interference through printing
  2. There are 2 methods to clear or clean the dust, one being the automatic method and the other the manual one, utilizing the muslin cloth. Doing so will permit the printer to do its job ability without getting jam. 
  3. Avoid providing too many print jobs to 123.hp.com/laserjet at all times; this may cause an error through printing.
  4. Always print in regular and draft mode from your printer; it will print quicker. Printing in essential Dpi or best quality mode will prompt the HP printer to method a bit slow
  5. Eliminate the separators in the reports as this will allow the client to avoid printing empty pages in the proper course of edition from 123.hp.com/laserjet.
  1. Additionally, ensure that the version of the OS used is the newest. In case this version is old, the user may face problems in the setup of your wireless 123.hp.com/laserjet.
  2. The printing paper should be empty as it prints faster. Other papers chosen may cause issues during printing from your hp printer.
  3. HP printers allow printing images to protect all the memories users can print quickly and then back those memories for the walls at home or office spaces. 
  4. Take care of your cartridges of the 123.hp.com/laserjet setup and assure they do not dry out due to the specific use. Not refilling the cartridges on time can be a different reason for the cartridge to become damaged.
  5. These blank cartridges require replacement at the newest. 


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